Membership status in UFAK is opened for every cinematography creator who professionally works in the movies art, who is graduated at a relevant post secondary school, licensed by the Ministry of Education, or that holds a diploma of a relevant post secondary school in other country but which is validated in Kosovo. Students of the relevant licensed post secondary education, who have professionally participated in making at least two movies, are also entitled to enroll in UFAK as members.

If the professional criteria are met, membership to UFAK is opened disregarding race, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, religion, age and physical abilities.

The Assembly (of members) will bring a separate decision regarding the membership fee and the height of the fee. Nonpayment of the membership fee, after the written notice, will serve as basis for excluding the member from UFAK.

Membership status may also terminate or be suspended, with the Assembly’s decision in cases of violation of the terms stipulated in the Statute, Code of Ethics, as well as in other rules approved by the UFAK assembly, and which are in compliance with the applicable legislation in Kosovo, and with the international standards and best practices.

Termination or suspension of membership is done by the Assembly and such a decision is brought with the majority of votes of the present members.

UFAK members shall professionally practice, or be graduated by a licensed education entity of the following professions: producer, actor, photography director, screenwriter, editor, costume design, scenography and composer.

Relying on this Statute, the Assembly will issue regulations about technical procedures of membership enrollment.