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AGNUS DEI (A short synopsis)

Awards Agnus Dei

(A short synopsis)

A young man Peter, who  is around thirties, lives a desperate life with his mother Maria and her husband Stojan in one village of Serbia. Peter is born in Kosova from a forbidden love between his mother Maria and the young Albanian man, but for this he is not aware  Is the period of time  when the relations between Serbs and Albanians are inimical, exactly is the time of the beginning of war. Peter is forced by his mother and the others to go to the war. He intends to escape the war and goes to the West. He is mobilized forcefully in one paramilitary unit in Kosova’s war.  In one action prepared as a revenge, he kills his father Dini whom he never had the chance to meet. Being not able to bear the arbitrary crimes, Peter, deserts from the army. He takes Dini’s daughter Maria and together they escape to the mountains.  During their dangerous trip they are followed from both sides of enemies, Serbs and Albanians. Peter and Maria fell in love. They reach to come back in Peter’s home in Serbia. As soon as they returnee home, Peter realizes that he had killed his biologic father and he had fall in love with his sister. Not being able to stand this spiritual condition he commits a suicide.      

(Log Line)

I was born from the ones that  I shouldn’t , I lived with those that  I mustn’t and I killed  the one that I shouldn’t.

(A very short synopsis)

Based on a true story, Agnus Dei is a kind of Oedipus of our days. Peter must find this way to redemption. But the past will make itself known and fate sparingly gives mercy. Can be save himself, or even be saved at all?

Audience Award  - Prishtina International Film Festival – Prishtina /Oct. 2012/
Gold Prestige Award –The Prestige Film Festival – Eureka, California /May 2013/
Honorable Mention Award – The international Film Award Berlin /July 2013/
Best Feature Film – Cannes van d’Or – European Film Festival – London, /Sept. 2013/
Best Feature Film  – Ionian International Film Festival – Lefkas, /Oct.  2013/
Best Film of the Festival – London Crystal Palace International Film Festival  /Nov.13/
Best Foreign Film – London Film Awards 2013 – London, UK /Dec. 2013/

Statement of the director

The film ‘Agnus Dei’ is putting upon the idea of myth repetition. The man as an fragile and hurtful human being, always is in a great loss. Even when he loves, when he’s got power or when he is depressed. And even in that time when he wants to escape from the evil, or when he goes straight towards it. Freighting desperately to have the power, ill mannered  in action, the man in the permanent behavior fights to dominate upon his mankind, selfish as ever even than when he builds his happiness upon the pain of the others. In reality the man always behaves in his vicious circle of repetition of destiny, the Oedipus in antiquity, or Peter in now days. 
Maria and Peter, mother and son, two faces of one medallion, two selfish creatures, who in continuity loves the same thing, even though one of them runs away from its destiny whereas the other goes straight towards his fate. Being conquered by love and hate, filled with a kind of demonic energy that goes beyond the reason and to resign oneself to one’s passion that is politically motivated, ethnically or ideologically.   In the different social-political phases during the period of transitory or during the war time, Maria and Peter remains unchangeable. Only the shape changes. The package of life. ‘Agnus Dei’ doesn’t pretend to change anything. It only goes easily sliding, full with passion and lyrical through the wild and cruel shapes of life in the dictature   of war. Being the witness of the destruction and loss. The disheveled individuality as an essential theory of life and destroyable family as on essential institution of civilization. In this manner, ‘Agnus Dei’ pretends to be transformed in one chronicle history of loss, upon the repetition of myth and the resurrection through the period of ages.
So, ‘Agnus Dei’ doesn’t attempt to change the imagination of what has happened. It pretends to tell the story of love and hate in two generations. Of all the sufferings and incapability, the willing for life even then when life appears impossible, of passion for loving and for being loved.  For passion of hate and the wickedness till the annihilation. ‘Agnus Dei’ doesn’t accuse, doesn’t prejudice, doesn’t incline, doesn’t have the political attempt or neither philosophical pretending. In fact, it shows life in the permanent war, the life that has taken the dimensions of myth and which is incapable to get out of the labyrinth of providence /not divine/ but human.

A. Sopi

1.    MOVIE
a)    Movie title
Original:    AGNUS DEI
English:     AGNUS DEI
Web:  www.agnusdei-movie.com
b)    Festivals /official selection
1. Prifilm Fest  – Prishtina  (Oct. 2012)  Audience Award   
2. International Film Festival of India – Goa  (Nov.2012)
3. California Cinequest Film Festival – San Jose  (March 2013)
4. International Film Festival of Uruguay – Montevideo (April 2013)
5. The Prestige Film Festival – Eureka, California  (May 2013) – Gold Prestige Award
6. A film for peace – International Festival – Udine (Jun 2013)
7. Barcelona International Film Festival – Barcelona (Jun 2013)
8. Film Festival Kitzbühel – Austria  (August 2013)
9.  Ariano International Film Festival  –  Italy  (August 2013)
10. The International Film Award Berlin – Honorable Mention Award (2013)
11. Balkan Film Festival – Pogradec, Albania (September 2013)
12. White Sands International Film Festival – New Mexico  (Sept. 2013)
13. Cannes Van d’Or  – European Film Festival, UK (Sept. 2013) – Best Feature Film
14. Abuja International Film Festival – Nigeria (Sept. 2013)
15. Ionian International Film Festival – Greece (Oct. 2013) – Best Feature of the Festival
16. Marbella International Film Festival- Marbella (Oct. 13)
17. The London International Film Festival – London (October 2013)
18. Petaluma International Film Festival – Florida, USA (October 2013)
19. International Samobor  Film Music Festival – Samobor, Croatia (October 2013)
20. London Crystal Palace International Film Festival – London (Oct. 2013) – Best in Festival
21. Ourense International Film Festival – Ourense, Spain (November 2013)
22. International Random Film Festival – Garpenberg, Sweden (December 2013)
23. Eurovision European Film Festival – Geneva (December 2013)
24. London Film Awards 2013 – London (December 2013) – Best Foreign Film 
25. Dhaka International Film Festival – Dhaka (Jan. 2014)

Trailer:  www.traileraddict.com/trailer/agnus-dei/trailer

AGNUS DEI   -      press

Sometime the best way to tell story of something big is by making the story small. The filmmakers have wisely chosen this path, exploring the meaning of the Serbian-Albanian war through the perspective of one family on both sides of the line. A very well made film with terrific performances.
Leslee  Scallou,  DWF - Los Angeles

Combine Greek Tragedy and Russian War Epics, and you will have Agnus Dei.
This is an amazing story, told extremely well. Astrit Alihajdaraj is a talent to be treasured.
Robert Mellette, Los Angeles   
Sopi's directing is brilliant, capturing the ugliness of war and the lost of one man's ability to cope with what he has done. Astrit Alihajdaraj was Peter, no  question about it. When I was watching the film, all I saw was Peter, not an actor. Dafina Berisha (with her mouth dropping beauty) was amazing in the  film, propelling Peter to finally do the right thing.
Philip Castor – Fangoria, San Jose

An extremely deeper and very impressive film. 
Mira Tuçi – Shqip, Tirana
‘Agnus Dei’ - What an incredible film! I was personally so immersed in each scene, the characters and the structure of the story.
Michael Rabehl – Cinequest Film Festival, San Jose
‘ Agnus Dei’ is a movie that take you away and leaves you breathless.
After you have seen it, it makes you wordless and awakes inside of you the desire to watch it again and again. And continuously it immerses you deeper and deeper until the infinity of different esthetical and meaningful stratifications.
Brian Dooley , London Crystal palace International Film Festival, London

‘Agnus Dei’ is really a great movie!
Juan Ignacio Mazzoni - IFFU, Montevideo